Good things come in small packages; great visions more often than not have small inconspicuous beginning. What Mrs. Shobhana Choksey began as a small-time home business of selling pearl and silver jewellery has now fructified to one of the most trusted designer jewellery boutique, nestled in the heart of Walkeshwar, South Mumbai.

Every piece of jewellery produced by Shobha Shringar Jewellers is a product of love and is skillfully crafted by hand and takes several days to produce. An upholder of traditional crafts of jewellery making, Shobha Shringar Jewellery strives to produce exclusive pieces of wearable art that are unique. Jewellery produced by Shobha Shringar is hallmarked and certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Shobha Shringar Jewellers boasts of wide spectra of clientele ranging from industrialists, prominent socialites and film personalities.
------Mrs. Shobhana Choksey: A woman of substance------
Mrs. Shobhana Choksey is an efficient multi tasker. She balances her personal and professional life, with a dignified elegance.

Clients have witnesses the rise of the phoenix from a small time sales person to a creator of family heirloom. They humbly accept, along with her ever so loyal team that her father's encouragement, her husband's unending support and a lovely team nurtured over the years by her, have made Shobha Shringar Jewellers what it is today. She is the prime force responsible for the creation of Shobha Shringar Jewellers.

"Her diligence, her presence, an undying attitude and liveliness keeps us going", says her son, Mr. Snehal Choksey.
------Mr. Snehal Choksey: The Artistic Heir------
A few years later, her son Snehal Choksey, with an inherent flair for designing and ascertaining the likes and dislikes of his various clients followed his mother's footsteps into Shobha Shringar Jewellers

With various courses such as Diamond cutting, Grading, Designing and Marketing under his belt, he along with his mother Shobhanaben, his wife- Mrs. Nisha Choksey and a very well nurtured team took Shobha Shringar Jewelers to dizzying heights.
------Mrs. Nisha Choksey: A true Confidante------
Mrs. Nisha Choksey has taken on the mantle of head designer effortlessly. Her hands-on experience makes up for the lack of formal training in jewellery design.

"Nisha has gained valuable hands on experience which is equal to a diploma course in jewellery designing. But she has stayed far too long behind the scenes, and I think it is time she steps into the limelight". "Her contribution in terms of design aesthetics has helped us grow manifold." Says her husband Mr. Snehal Choksey.
------Our Team:------
Shobha Shringar Jewellers boasts of a loyal young team which has been with them since a decade. Some members even more than that. The term so correctly vindicates the age old adage that "OLD IS GOLD".

"We have a dedicated team of people, who have been with us for almost a decade. I attribute our success to them," says Snehal.
------Our USP:------
The company's forte lies in presenting ethnic, antique jewellery. "We see ourselves as preservers of India's jewellery heritage and this spirit is reflected in our designs," notes Snehal. The brand steers clear of contemporary fare, and instead likes to craft heirlooms that can be cherished and evergreen. We incorporate various styles across the country in a fusion, which helps in retaining the uniqueness of the designs. Each and every piece is hallmarked thus ascertaining the credibility of the product.
------What we offer:------
Gold is the mainstay of most collections produced by Shobha Shringar. Gemstones, too, play a major role in beautifying the jewellery. Unusual combinations of turquoise, coral, baroque and Basra pearls and uncut diamonds are employed to create jewels that appeal across generations. The brand also specializes in diamond jewellery ranging from a nose pin to a grand bridal necklace set. The client is also offered a wide range of bridal jewellery such as jadtar and kundan-set collections.