Ever since we were little, our mothers have always saved pieces of our past in the world of memories in her head along with some pieces of clothing from when we were little hidden away in an old chest or our favorite toys tucked away in some corner of the storeroom.

While a mother’s love for her child is priceless, she deserves the Mother Day’s Gift that not only stays with her for long as a memory of it being a token of her child’s love but also shows her what she means to you.


Mother’s Day is the perfect day to become nostalgic and remember the times you’ve spent with your mother – your walking miracle. We believe that nothing in this world is purer than a mother’s heart and we acknowledge the same by ensuring the purity of the stones and metals that make your mother’s jewellery.


As it is often said that a mother’s smile can heal the deepest wounds, that precious smile deserves an equally special gift. And we are sure that this Mother’s Day, the precious diamonds in our jewellery won’t be the only dazzling, shining object as your mother’s precious sparkly smile will beat it without a doubt!


A mother works endlessly for her children – she builds a home and treasures all love that comes her way, especially when she cooks using her unique secret recipe or adorns herself in traditional attire with the best collection of jewellery she owns. While you relish the unique taste of the food she makes, we make sure that just like her secret recipe, the jewellery she wears is unique and one of its kind.


Our mothers are often the shelter we seek at late night when we are scared of the monsters under our bed and one hug from her with a few words of assurance are enough to fight even the most dangerous monsters. So trustworthy are her words and so is the quality of the bangles on her hand that lightly jingle, providing an instrumental effect on a mother’s lullaby as she sings her scared child to sleep.


This Mother’s Day, it is time to relive all the old memories and hold your mother’s hands as you gift her the jewellery that values and resembles her; the jewellery that is pure, precious, unique, trustworthy and beautiful – just like your Mother. It’s time to gift her jewellery from ShobhaShringar’s Mother’s Day Collection because you might be able to hold her hands for a short while, but you’ve held her heart since forever.