As the hunt of FBB Femina Miss India 2018 has begun we at ShobhaShringarJewellers look back the time we curated the most precious part of the competition last year i.e. the ‘crown’. As we await the crowned ladies of this year,

ShobhaShringarJewellers were the official jewellery partners for FBB Femina Miss India 2017 and thus had the crucial responsibility of preparing the crown that changed the lives of three beautiful women.

We are grateful to the organisers of FBB Femina Miss India 2017 who entrusted on our superior craftsmanship and excellent designing techniques.

Let us see the creation of the FBBFemina Miss India 2017 Crowns by ShobhaShringarJewellers:

Step 1: Designing


Designers of ShobhaShringarJewellers are worth every praise! Their eye for little details makes us proud. Understanding the competition, our able designers provided a detailed craftsmanship under no time. Designing the crown becomes an integral part of the process. Knowing which jewel is to be placed where and how each diamond is to be cut is a process which is very meticulous and requires utmost precision.

If the design looked this pretty I’m sure you are excited to know how the crown looks!

Step 2: Casting


Once the design is ready, it is followed by the process of CAD design and put it in a CAM piece, after all the magic the mould is ready. The mould is ready to be placed with diamonds.

Our karigars with their superior abilities start with placing the beautiful diamonds in the mould. These diamonds need complete precision and concentration of the karigars working.

Each piece of diamond is gracefully cast on the mould making it look like a complete beauty.

After which the all the three crowns are put together with the support of the mould, making it a masterpiece waiting to be cherished.

Step 3: Unveiling of the crown!

Unveiling of the crown!

The crowns are finally ready! Look at the superiority of every diamond placed and the work of the karigars of ShobhaShringarJewellers for the winners of FBB Femina Miss India 2017. With the final touches made on the diamonds, the crowns are ready to be adorned by our beautiful ladies.

On 25th June 2017, Miss Haryana – ManushiChhillar, Miss Jammu & Kashmir – Sana Dua and Miss Bihar – Priyanka Kumari wore the beautiful crowns amplifying its beauty by 100 folds.

We are glad to be a part of the participants journey of FBB Femina Miss India 2017 and wish them all the luck!

We have been creating every jewellery with the same precision and our skilful artists design each and every piece with utmost care and the wearer enhances the beauty of that piece.

Be rest assured if you are making a jewellery through ShobhaShringarJewellers, your pieces are given equal importance as Miss India crown. Because for us, perfection is a habit and not a contract.

Ladies, if you are reading this (and you should be!), you are as special as any pageant winner and with our jewels you are going to turn way more heads than usual!