The dream of big fat Indian wedding brings out all kinds of excitement for the to-be-bride and the family of the bride. With changing times and changing fashion, wedding ‘lenghas’ surely have gotten an ‘indo-western’ influence but the traditional jewellery will never go out of style.

ShobhaShringarJewellers is here to fulfil the ‘bridal dream’ with their superior craftsmanship and high-end designs which will make people’s head turn. We bring to you ShobhaShringarJewellers exclusive collection, ‘The Regal Era’

Behold as we take you through the bridal jewellery looks made for the ‘royal you’:

1. Magnificent Red

Magnificient red

This for the bride who wants to keep it sober but also wants to stand out in the crowd. This look from The Regal Era collection of ShobhaShringarJewellers is an outstanding combination of comfort for the bride and splash of heritage making her a ‘Happy Indian Bride’. Her maang tikka with the moti-embedded band gives the face a perfect definition. The light but the bold design of her nath adds beauty to the smile. The dangling earrings complete the look of her face.

The necklaces emit royalty. From the beautiful ruby studded ‘choker’ on the bride’s swan like neck followed by the gold-plated – emerald studded necklace. The latkan on the necklace gives a poised look to the design. ShobhaShringarJewellers believe in making the ordinary a little outstanding, keeping that in mind add beautiful ‘latkans’ to the stone studded mohan mala.

The hands to be given off in the marriage are beautifully adorned with kadas which don’t feel heavy but give royal feel which can be topped off with a ruby studded ring.

In all, a beautifully crafted jewellery for you!

2. Nawabi Green

Nawabi Green

A unique kind of jewellery for bringing out the ‘nawabi’ taste of the bride. The unusual colour with the elegant jewellery design from The Regal Era of ShobhaShringarJewellers is going to make the groom fall in love with you all over again.

Small but impactful, the nath gracefully sits on the nose enhancing the facial features. The whole set is in an unusual combination of amber and gold which makes it unique but yet striking to the eye.

The perfectly sized maangtika doesn’t cover the head completely and beautifully compliments the crafted three layered dangling earrings. The grand necklace is gracefully designed to make every onlooker look in awe. The amber stones add extra beauty. The three layered mohan mala with the heavenly designed side pendants add the umph that you need.

The combination of gold kadas with moti lining and a beautifully designed ring makes the design complete.

3. Velvet Magic

Velvet Magic

Velvet is the material of the royals and most preferred material to give you the royal feeling. The Regal Era of ShobhaShringarJewellers brings in the perfect design to complete your royal look.

Combined with different shapes this look is one of a kind. Starting from the square-shaped maang tikka in the front with an emerald stone beautifully placed brings all the attention on the bride. The comparatively small but attention grabbing earrings are worth a stare. The bands of the maang tikka give you the polished look your face requires. The nath is elaborately designed with emerald stones giving a oh-so-royal look to your face.

The enormous aesthetic design of the necklaces give the extra umph to this look. Beautifully designed with a combination of emeralds and gold the elaborate ‘choker’ is the showstopper statement piece. The ‘panch petal’ design on the second neckles is beautifully designed showing off the velvet.

While bringing in the much-needed contrast, moti cladded mohan mala leaves an impression with the emerald pendant adding to its beauty.

Keeping up with the royal look, one can complete the look with the beautifully designed kadas on each hand with many single bangles in between both of them. The delicate yet eye grabbing baju bandh completes this royal look!

4. White Beauty

White Beauty

The purity of this colour brings out the stunning jewellery designed by ShobhaShringarJewellers. The tear shaped bands topped with the gota style maang tikka gives it a different yet striking look. The divine combination of moti and pendant in the nath’s pattern add to the delicate bride look. The well designed earrings add the needed glamour to the face of the bride.

The elegant broad choker piece topped with the emerald mohan mala gives the look a much-needed contrast. The last necklace with the delicate moti design towards the end blends beautifully with the outfit!

The kundan design bangles give the look a beautiful colour blend and haathful completes the look. Keeping it simple, yet royal!

We at ShobhaShringarJewellers believe that a wedding blended with royalty should be a dream come true for every bride and thus we make custom designed jewellery for every customer as per their wish.

Loved the whole look or want to make some few changes? Come visit us and let our traditional craftsmen work their magic for your special day