The journey of building the perfect jewellery collection should start with an investment in diamond. Shobha Shringar, being one of the best jewellery brands in India, has carefully selected this list of diamond jewellery essentials that deserve a place in every woman’s collection.


You don’t need to be married or engaged to own a big precious rock. Unlike Engagement Rings, you can go for a cocktail ring which can prove to be your ultimate accessory. You can choose from a sophisticated or vintage to a chunky or a slender design, but if you don’t own a bold and beautiful cocktail ring, you can check one out at our store to truly understand the beauty of it.



Perhaps, a diamond necklace is the only accessory that can be worn over and over again and still have an equally mesmerizing effect it had the first time it was worn. Being one of the best jewellery brands in India, Shobha Shringar Jewellers offers an amazing collection of diamond necklaces. Right from the simple and elegant necklaces that can be worn every day to the bridal collection necklaces designed intricately and studded with diamonds. The diamond necklace collection by Shobha Shringar can work well with any and every outfit.



There is absolutely no excuse needed to treat yourself or a loved one with a diamond ring. Be it a symbol of self-love or a token of celebration, diamond rings with their unique and intricate designs, can add charm to any occasion. While commonly found as an Engagement Rings, you don’t need to wait for a proposal to wear an alluring diamond ring by Shobha Shringar Jewellers



Sometimes a simple dress and a pair of diamond earrings is all you need to put forth your style statement. Long and slender diamond earrings are so timeless that they can easily form a part of your heirloom and can be worn for generations. Diamonds never go out of style and a pair of diamonds earrings will always be a part of your fashion and heritage.