Being a bride can be intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. Tying the knot with that special person and the thrill of writing a new chapter of your life can be full of hassles and excitement; to top it all, lays the immense pressure of looking perfect.

Even the most gorgeous wedding lehenga can look very ordinary if not paired with the correct bridal neckpiece Jewellery Design. To make sure that the various elements of your bridal attire complement each other, focusing on the style of the necklace is very important.

Here is a list of the four most trending and preferred neck-pieces that you can wear on your wedding day.



A choker is one of the most beloved pieces when it comes to a bridal necklace. It sits around the neck gracefully and accentuates your entire look. It is a metallic band that holds gemstones and precious coloured stones. A bridal choker is much wider as compared to the other chokers. It looks stunning on brides with longer necks.



Rani haar has been an integral part of the Indian bridal jewellery collection since ages. Queens used to wear these magnificent pieces made with uncut diamonds, south sea pearls, strings of precious stones like emeralds and semi-precious stones closely knit together. They often come in unique and ancient designs and offer a multi-layer necklace effect with a royal touch, thus becoming a statement piece.



Inspired by the beauty and royalty of Gods and Goddesses this jewellery is generally worn by South Indian brides and is also known as ‘Mango Haram’ Necklace. These jewellery pieces are completely made out of gold and etched with an effigy of Gods and Temples.



A Guluband necklace Jewellery Design is the first choice of every bride because of its versatility. It suits almost everyone. It is neither too tight like a choker nor hangs loosely like a rani haar, it sits just above or on the collarbone. This bridal necklace is also known as the princess necklace.