1. Ideal for every Age Group.

Everyone needs someone to remind them that they are beautiful! Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try jewellery It only makes you so much more attractive and interesting. We are millennial and for us fashion is minimal. We might not want that extravagant look. But, the less is more concept is why ShobhaShringar is every Millennial ladkikapyaar. So, Hey there you pretty girl lets Do it Right, Lets do it ShobhaShringaar Style.

Ideal for every age group

2. Be the It Factor

We all want to have, “the look” every season, As India is so diverse we often don’t find the jewelry that enhances our culture, gives us the “Lets make Sharma auntie Jealous look”. But, ShobhaSringaar allows to look Festive, Look you, and Most Importantly get the “it’’ look With its beautifully cut design and hand picked gems ,you will be confused on which “it” look will make everyone Gasp. So, get your Sringaar on Point.

Be the it factor

3. Family that Shringar’s

If you and your mother, your grand mother, your maasi, everyone can buy jewelry at the same place its already crème della crème, As you save yourself whooping amount of time and energy and privilege yourself with that tea and great choice of variety to choose from so, while everyone is creating their own saga of their own choice. Your Family Shringaar game is strong and worthy of saving so much time. So, don’t worry as ShobhaShringar is meant for Everybody

Family that Shringar_s

4. Variety is the spice of life.

You won’t eat DaalChawal everyday so, why always pick up the same, old, boring design when We at ShobhaShringaar present to you the most Dynamic Designs, Not only will that add up to your collection but, also to the vibe. Lets do something Different, Something Unique With ShobhaShringar’s eccentric collection line. Adding up to your wardrobe something, Give the Jewelry box also taste of life visit ShobhaShringar and experience the variety and the spice of life.

Variety is the spice of life

5. AaoKabhi Showroom Pe!

We are a high-end, designer diamond jewellery store which features a beautifully crafted collection of bespoke earrings, bangles, pendants, rings, necklaces, Polki diamond jewellery and more. Taking inspiration from around the world, each of our many collections are distinct and rich. his ultimate luxury collection stands apart from the rest of the country’s jewellers for their customized, uniquely crafted pieces. Our store is nothing less than a Regal home solely made for your comfort.

Aao kabhi showroom pe

6. Royalty

India has been home to generations of Royalty, who exemplify rare and distinct beauty. We at ShobhaShringaar give you unparalleled elegance and unspoken grace that is characteristic of Royalty. You can choose from the intricately crafted jewellery that resonate rare and exquisite beauty. So, Srigaar Maharani Style. Look like a queen, Feel the empress you are and embrace the Regal. Shoba Shringaar Every Queens Choice be it any Tyohaar.


7. No Trust Issues.

We can’t guarantee if you will have trust issues with your husband or not but, we serve to the Queens and you are one so, its our utmost responsibility to give you the right jewel which will be your Crown and this world is anyways your throne. So, choose ShobhaShringaar because Trust issues with us, well not a Chance. We take care of everything be that your bill comfort. So, close your eyes and we hope to mesmerize you soon!

No trust Issues


While we have spoken so much about ShobhaShringaar and you already decide this is not meant for me, let me tell you, it caters to all, you can find things in your comfort zone and absolutely surprise yourself. You don’t need to think a lot you can wear your shringaar with pride and honor beacauseShobhaShringaar Believes in U ME AUR HUM.


9. 24*7 There for You.

We cant promise if your mobile network will do the same, what we do is provide you a wholesome journey from start to end making your jewelry buying experience more viable. We believe in relations and how they are made so, We at ShobhaSringaar Not Only promise you the sale but, the follow up. So, don’t worry make a choice. Because, for us Every Tyohaar is worth 16 Sringaar. Find yourself at home


10. Ethnic but Chic.

Fusion collection embodies the characteristics of the woman who adorns it. As pristine as a drop of rain and as bright as a summer day, she is intrinsically beautiful, playful and delicate. The swirling Jaali pattern fluidly traverses the delicate embossed surface which, when further accentuated with hints of enamel, brings to life the very nature of the contemporary woman,and the filigree work exudes her ethnic sense of style.With elegant jewel pieces like jhumkis, chandbaalis, runaway hoops, under-loop earrings, pendant sets and kadas, fusion collection from ShobhaShringaar is the perfect collection for thewoman who stuns all those around her.

Ethnic But Chic

11. Its Dulhan Time

Amidst the ceremonious vibe and the auspicious setting, the coy girl would love to transform herself into a bride that steps into the sacred bond of matrimony with her beloved. Dressed in her dream lehenga she adorns traditional gold jewellery and has her brows decorated with sandalwood paste. Keeping in mind the rituals she holds so dear to her heart, our karigars etch out the traditional designs of paatihaar, chik (choker) necklace, the tiara and the tikli (maang tikka), so that she looks a vision akin to the goddesses she worships! So, look and feel like the Goddess you are and if you are getting married ShobhaShringar offers you a Shringaar of lifetime.

It_s Dulhan Time

12. Zevar that gives you Tevar.

Well, its fashionable and its Okay to be in Tashan and look your best that’s what ShobhaSringar’sNeesha Collection will do for you, Designed to accentuate the fire of her independence, this collection is a celebration of a woman’s strength by pieces that glitter and sparkle. Exemplifying a quiet incandescence that leaves an unforgettable impression, the contemporary, yet intricately designed Neesa collection is an expression of the beauty of feminine indomitably. So, this Diwali Bring out the Tevar in you.

Zevar that gives you tevar

13. What are you waiting for?

With fine finishes and re-decorated showroom, with a ready to help staff. Advising you what will be the best suitable for you, This is one thing you shouldn’t and you can’t resist so, come find yourself loose with designs that shall become your new muse. ShobhaShringaar, you don’t need a reason to rediscover your inner you.

What are you awaiting for